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Female Student Affairs


Providing services and care of the College of Science and Arts female students in all fields honestly, faithfully and transparently, aiming to be  a pioneer of integrated student work.


Achieving distinction, leadership and keeping up with the development in students' activities and services   which contribute to building female students' integrated personality according to the quality of performance.


1.      To facilitate the female students' affairs, providing services and care for them to enable them to achieve their goals.

2.      To educate students, strengthen their sense of belonging to the Islamic and Arab nation, deepen sense of belonging to the university and build a generation of national character.

3.      To create an appropriate environment that will attract the students and help them sharpen and develop their skills and employ them in productive work.

4.      To encourage the students to participate in various student and university activities,

5.      To encourage students to achieve a balance between integrated academic mental, physical, and personal development requirements.

6.      To encourage the development of entrepreneurship and creativity among the students, and raise their spirit of positive competition.

7.       Reinforce the positive feeling among the female students, and to provide all their own services according to scientific bases and in a sound educational framework

8.      To create a university environment that encourages research, and develop the spirit of teamwork of the female students.

9.      To encourage constructive communication skills and promote a culture of dialogue between the students and the university female faculty members and staff.

Tasks of Student Affairs

1.      Identifying the needs and queries of the female students.

2.      Authentication of medical certificate, discount of air ticket and recommendation for the students to pursue higher studies.

3.      Issuing ATM cards for Female Fresher

4.      Issuing replacement of lost or damaged ATM card if requested

5.      Solving financial problems (ATM cards) faced by the female students.

6.      Issuing university cards for female students

7.      Issuing Replacement of lost or damaged university card if requested.

8.      Verify the applicant's identity using the fingerprint scanner during a period of examination to make sure that students do not impersonate other students.

9.      Authenticating  the clearance forms for the female graduate students

10.  Provide the female students the system of ‘Student Employment', which is under Student Box.

11.  Activating complaint and proposal mechanism.


Contact address

Faculty of Science and Arts - Main Campus - ground floor – Office No.31

Female Student Affairs' Supervisor (Science Section)

Ms. Haifa Zeban

Ext. No. 5446198

Female Student Affairs' Supervisor (Humanities)

Ms. Mubarkah Al Saaed

 Ext. No. 5446155