A Word from the Head of Biology Department

Thanks be to Allah, I would like to give the website visitors a briefing about the Biology Department.
The department has been established as one of the departments of the College of Science & Art in order s to prepare highly qualified graduates who will contribute to the development of Saudi Arabia in areas such as general and higher education , health, agriculture and community service . In this department, students will be qualified for a B.A in biology and students of preparatory health colleges and some other departments will also be taught. The Gracious Royal Guidance which resulted in establishing Najran University on 10-10-1427H, was followed by substantive financial and symbolic support to colleges and departments. Labs, buildings and classrooms have been equipped to match scientific development.

A profile

This department awards a B.A in biology sciences[ botany, zoology and microbiology]. The aim is to graduate qualified young Saudis who can teach in intermediate and secondary schools in the southern part of the Kingdom. The major of biology sciences in [ zoology, botany and microbiology ] is a unique one. . The department also helps in teaching syllabuses to other departments such as general biology and zoology for medical colleges.

Biology department is relevant to both education and research. It spreads knowledge in different aspects like botany , zoology and microbiology. The graduates will contribute in development through their jobs in general and higher education, Saudi Universities, Ministry of Health ,Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Water & Electricity, Standards & Specifications Authority, The National Authority for Protection of Wildlife , General Meteorological & Environment Protection Authority and private bodies.