Section Coordinator

Name Hussein Youssef Hassan Ammar
Nationality Egypt
Gender male
Date of Birth 10-6-1971
Place of Birth Egypt
Social status Married
College Faculty of science – Najran university
Department Physics
Position Assistant professor
Date of Latest degree  
Address Faculty of science – Najran university Mobile 0530657595
Degrees and Qualifications
  1. Ph.D. of theoretical physics,2006, Faculty of Education, "Quantum mechanical study of laser oscillation and photographic sensitization at solid surfaces"
  2. Master degree of theoretical physics,2001,Excelent degree, Faculty of Education, "Theoretical study of cluster-lattice interaction and defects in ionic-crystals"
  3. Special Diploma in physics, Very good degree, 1997, Faculty of Education,.
  4. General Diploma in physics, good degree, 1996, Faculty of Education, .
  5. Bachelor's degree of science and education, Very good degree with rank of honor, 1993 , Faculty of Education, .
  6. TOEFL (Score 537), Center for Developing English Language Teaching, .
  7. International Computer Driving License (ICDL)
History of academic and employment career Assistant professor - Faculty of science – Najran university
Grants, and Prizes  
Conferences and symposia  
Courses Classical Mechanics 1 Classical Mechanics 2 Mathematics of physics Medical Statistics Quantum Mechanics
Publication and Research of Interest
  1. Charge transfer reactions and cooperativity of N2 and O2 on MgO, CaO and SrO surfaces, Density functional calculations. (Chemical Physics, In press)
  2. Artificial polarization effects on FA1:Sr2+ lasers and NO interactions at NaCl (001) surface: First principles calculations. (Journal of Molecular Structure: THEOCHEM 823 (2007) 47–58)
  3. The role of oxidation states in FA1Tln+ (n=1,3) laser and CO interaction at the (100) surfaces of NaCl: An ab initio studty. (Chemical Physics 328 (2006) 8-16)
  4. Ab initio defect based model for laser light generation and colour image formation at the flat, edge and corner surfaces of AgBr : FA1:Cs+ and FA2:Li+ (Journal of Molecular Structure, 755 (2005) 221-228)
  5. Theoretical study of laser light generation and color image formation: FA1: Cs+ and FA2: Li+ centers at the low coordination (100) and (110) surfaces of AgCl and AgBr " (International journal of Quantum Chemistry, 103-4(2005) 432-448)
  6. Exciton , electron center diffusion and adsorptivity of atomic hydrogen on LiH (001) surface. Physica.B., 304(2001) 444
  7. Properties of F+ , F and F – centers and adsorptivity of atomic hydrogen on LiF and NaH isoelectronic crystals. Physica.B.,volume 292(2000) 59