Vice Dean

Curriculum Vitae
Yahya Bin Sulaiman Ibrahim Al Hfzey


1994: Ph.D. Education Fundamentals (Education development); Florida State University (US)
1989: M.A. Modern History; Denver University (US)
1982: BA History, College of Islamic Law, Imam Islamic University (Riyadh)

Appointed Administrative Positions:

2009 (22/3): Director of electronic learning
2009 (3/10): Deputy Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences
2007 (9/9) : Chairman of the Department of Education (to date)
2004-2007: Superintendent of King Khalid University Girls' schooling Center
2001-2004: Chairman of the department of education, College of education (KKU)
1997-1999: Chairman of the department of Psychology and education, college of the Arabic language and Social sciences (Imam Islamic University, Abha)
1994-1995: Deputy Chairman of the department of Psychology and education, college of Arabic language and social sciences (Imam Islamic University)

Academic Activities:
A. Conferences and Symposiums

  1. Academic Qualitative Accreditation of Arab World and Egypt's Higher Education Establishments and Programs, Reality and expectation, 8-9 April 2009; Al Mansourah University, Egypt
  2. Education in the Arab World and Globalism, 2-4 April 2008; Casablanca, Morocco.
  3. Seminar about Islamic Education Curriculum in the Islamic World; Prospects and challenges, International Islamic University in Malaysia, 6-8 September 2005
  4. Education and Sustainable Development conference, college of education, Zagazeeg University, 10-11 March 2004.
  5. Culture and Education in a changing world conference, college of education, Cairo University, 29-30 October 2001.
  6. International Educators union conference in Canada, 1996
  7. Students Psychological Guidance Seminar, Kuwait university, 1996

B. Public Speeches, Symposiums and Local Conferences

  1. Participation in numerous public speeches, seminars, not to mention TV and journalism
  2. Academic supervision of numerous community educational services conducted by the department of education and psychology at the college of the Arabic language and social sciences (Imam Islamic University)

C. Published Books and Research

  1. The internet and its impact on the development of scientific research, a faculty perspective, college of education Journal, (KKU-2008)
  2. Managing Quality Assurance and its implementation in education and school administration, Joint book with Dr. Adnan Ibrahim Ahmad (2007)
  3. Islamic Discipline its approach, fundamentals and contents (jpoint book with Dr. Adnan Ahmad) (Dar Hira'a publishing and distribution – 2005
  4. Globalism and the invasion of western culture as one of the external threats to the Islamic ideals and discipline of Muslim communities, Journal of Contemporary Education, volume 70, 22nd year, June 2005
  5. "Higher education in Saudi Arabia, a futuristic outlook", college of education journal, Dumiyat university, Egypt, volume 45, January 2004.
  6. Difficulties Facing Students Guidance Counsels in Aseer region, Psychological Guidance Journal, Ain Shams university, volume 15, tenth year, 2002

D. Academic Committees

  1. Member of the Academic Counsel, NU (7/12/2009)
  2. Member of the permanent committee on quality assurance and academic accreditation in Najran university starting the 7th of 12th of 2009
  3. Member of the NU strategic planning committee on 9/3/2008 to date
  4. Member of the educational awareness development committee on 6/11/2007
  5. General consulting committee at KKU on 3/10/2005
  6. Member of the committee examining the quality assurance program for the development of administrative and organizational performance in the higher education establishments on 10/10/2004
  7. Permanent committee for scholarship, training and lecturers/tutors affairs on 4/11/2003 to date
  8. Assessments tests committee from 2003-2005
  9. Post-graduate committee in the college of education at KKU, 2002
  10. The province districts councils committee, 2004
  11. The committee on merging science departments at KKU on 1998

E. Training Courses and Workshops

  1. Prominent Islamic educators (female doctoral program – girls college (Abha))
  2. Islamic education and development (female doctoral program – girls college (Abha))
  3. Fundamentals of Islamic education (Masters program – college of education-KKU (Abha))
  4. Research circle in educational administration and supervision (Masters program – college of education-KKU (Abha))
  5. Fundamentals of general and Islamic education (Bachelor program – college of education-KKU (Abha))
  6. Educational research curriculum (Bachelor program – college of education-KKU (Abha))
  7. Comparative education (Bachelor program – college of education-KKU (Abha))
  8. Education and teaching methodologies (Bachelor program – college of education-IIU)
  9. Educational psychology (Bachelor program – college of education-IIU )
  10. Supervision of the applied education at the college of Islamic law and theology and the college of Arabic language and social sciences IIU (Abha)
  11. Supervision of the masters theses at the college of education (KKU) and Girls college (Abha)

Teaching Experiences

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Quality assurance and its implementations

KSU – Quality assurance department


E-Learning Curriculum Design and Delivery :Best Practices

KSU – E-learning center


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Tegrity-Learning system

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Developing and managing institutional quality structures and procedures

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The university high assessment and accreditation dilemma