Vice Dean for Administrative Affairs


Name: Mansour Bin Naief Bin mashie Al-Oteibi


1- BA of education in psychology- King Saud University

2- A postgraduate diploma in educational administration with distinction- Faculty of Education – Umm Al-Qura University

3- A diploma in counseling and students' guidance with distinction- Faculty of Education- Umm Al-Qura University.

4- A diploma with distinction in applied computer – Mecca's Chamber of Commerce.

5- A diploma in NLP.

6- Masters in educational administration and planning with distinction, Umm Al-Qura University . The examiners recommended publication of thesis .

7- PhD in educational administration and planning, the examiners recommended publication of thesis.

Training Courses :

1- A course in psychological tests- Umm Al-Qura University.

2- An English Language Course – Third Level – with distinction- English Language Center.

3- A three-month computer course – New Horizon Center.

4- Attended a course under the theme( How Do Leaders Think?) – Arab Rehabilitation & Training Center.

5- Attended a course under the theme( Forbidden & Ideal Thinking) – Arab Rehabilitation & Training Center .

6- Attended a course under the theme( Fast Ways to Harmonize with Others)- – Arab Rehabilitation & Training Center.

7- Attended a course under the theme( The Pleasure of Teamwork)- Arab Rehabilitation & Training Center.

8- Attended a course under the theme( The Ladder of Priorities in Life)- )- Arab Rehabilitation & Training Center.

9- Attended a course of schools principals – 1421 H

10- Attended the orientation program of comprehensive assessment- 1426 H

11- Participated in a program on ( Creative Thinking).

12- Attended a course on ( Strategic Planning)- Neighborhoods Association – Mecca

13- A course on the amended regulation assessment.

14- A course on ( Time Management) - Neighborhoods Association – Mecca

15- A training course on( Communication Skills) Neighborhoods Association – Mecca

16- A training course on ( Developing Negotiations Skills) – Institute of Public Administration.

17- A training course on( Quality Management) - Institute of Public Administration.

18- A training course on ( Problems Analysis & Decision Making)- Institute of Public Administration.

19- A training course on( Disaster Management) - Institute of Public Administration.

Educational Participations

1- A member of teachers selection committee for counseling and guidance – Educational Directorate- Mecca

2- Participated in some meetings and educational forums – Mecca .

3- Conducted some educational researches to the – Educational Directorate- Mecca

4- A member of assessment development committee – Mecca

5- Scrutinizing a number of 9 Masters and PhDs ) questionnaires.

6- Participated in the first meeting of male and female assistant directors of education .

7- Head of tenders and offers committee – Directorate of Education- Mahaiel. Head of quality implementation and e- administration- Directorate of Education- Mahaiel.

8- Head of tutors and lecturers committee at NU.

9- Head of direct purchasing committee- NU.

Academic Contributions:

A book under the title "Administrative Pressures facing General Schools Principals".
A workshop under the title "Administrative Behavior of General Schools Principals
A number of unpublished researches submitted to the department of educational administration - Umm Al-Qura University . 

Activities & Participations:

1- Participated as a supervisor in the General Census- 1423 H

2- Participated as a monitor in the General Census – 1425 H

3- Participated in the activities of municipal elections in Mecca .


1- A teacher

2- A students' counselor

3- A school principal

4- An educational assessment supervisor

5- Head of a number of assessment teams

6- Head of a number of educational committees

7- Director of education assistant for female students- Mahaiel Asir

8- Assistant dean of Community College- NU

9- Currently , dean of college of education-NU


1- 1- Second conference for teacher preparation- Umm Al-Qura University

2-Third conference for teacher preparation- Umm Al-Qura University

3- Conference of distance and e-learning- Ministry of Higher Education