Dean's Speech

Praise be to Allah and Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon His Noble Prophet

      Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, honored by Allah- Glorified and Exalted Be He- in His Glorious Book, has made a significant leap in development thanks to its sincere citizens.  

There can be no doubt that the Saudi aspired transition to knowledge society requires highly qualified and for that matter competitive national competencies both at the local, regional and international levels. The aim is to remain on the cutting edge in present day rapid scientific and technical development.

It is no doubt that leaders of this generous country- May Allah bless them- give utmost importance to human development through promoting education, the driving force for the development of nations. Such an initiative has rewarding effects on the development of people and the promotion of their communication skills with others which will enable them to keep pace with the new scientific and intellectual productions and to transfer what best suits the development process in our beloved country in the light of the Kingdom's 2030 Vision

     To achieve such a vision, the College of Arts & Sciences at Najran University, in line with the university's vision, is spearheading tremendous efforts to achieve sustainable development and improvement be they in terms of its infra-structure and facilities or plans and academic programs. The aim is twofold, to achieve quality and excellence in teaching and learning paired with meeting the needs of the community and the labor market mainly through planning, guidance, follow-up and evaluation. As such, the college will achieve its mission and be an attractive academic environment able to produce graduates who will actively contribute to sustainable development by conducting applied research studies, making the best use of modern technology and reinforcing partnership at the local, regional and global levels and thus develop our dear homeland.

      We ask Allah to help and guide us. Peace and Allah's mercy and blessings be upon you.


                Dr. Abdul-Rahman A. Al Madiy

                Dean of College of Arts & Sciences