Name: Dr. Hamdy MohamedMohamed
Nationality Egyptian
Gender Male
Place of Birth Minia - Egypt
Date of Birth 31-5-1963
Social status Married
College Najran faculty of Seince and Arts
Department Arabic Language
Position Lecturer
Date of Latest degree 26/12/2002
Address Najran- Faisalliah square
Degrees and Qualifications 1-B.A of Arts- Arabic Language Dept.- 1991- Facuty of Arts- Minia Uni.
2- Master in Arabic Language- 2002- Grammetical and Morphology- Facuty of Arts-Helwan Uni.
3-ph.d in Arabic language 2006( Grammetical and Morphology)- Facuty of Arts-Ain Shams Uni .
History of academic and employment career 1- Teacher of Arabic Language till 2003.
2- Lecturer at El-Madina El-monawara faculty of education for Girls from 2003 till 2005.
3- Lecturer at Najran faculty of education for Girls froom 2005 till 2008.
4- lecture at Najran Faculty of Sience and Arts from 2008 tell Now
Grants, and Prizes  
Conferences and symposia  
Courses Grammer- Language skills- Grammetical Schools- Arabic Arts- Morphology
Publication and Research of Interest 1- critical study in Ibn Aqeel explaining (in press)- Language sciences Journal-Ain Shams Uni.
2- in Ibn Aqeel explaining – methodic and languastics study (in press)- Language sciences Journal-Ain Shams Uni.