Name Naglaa Salah El-Deen Mohamed Hassan
Nationality Egyptian
Gender Female
Date of Birth 11-11-1969
Place of Birth Aswan-Egypt
Social status Married
College Faculty of Education- Girls
Department Chemistry
Position Assistant Professor
Date of Latest degree 26\10\2004
Address Faculty of Education – Najran university
Degrees and Qualifications B. Sc. South Valley University, Faculty of Science, Department of Chemistry, Aswan, Egypt. Organic Chemistry. 1991
M. Sc. South Valley University, Faculty of Science, Department of Chemistry Aswan, Egypt.1998 [Facile Synthetic Process of Some New Heterocyclic Cyanine Dye Derivatives] 1998.y of Some Novel Photosensitizer¢s Heterocyclic Dyes].
Ph. D. South Valley University, Faculty of Science, Department of Chemistry, Aswan,of , Egypt. 2004 [Recent Prospective and trends in Chemistry of Some Novel Photosensitizer¢s Heterocyclic Dyes]
History of academic and employment career 1992-1998 Administrator, South Valley University. 1998-2004 Ass. Lecturer, South Valley University. 2004-Present Lecturer South Valley University
Grants, and Prizes  
Conferences and symposia  
Courses Basicsof organic chem., Carbohydrates, Reaction mechanism, Poly nuclear, Dyes and Petrochemical and industrial chemistry.
Publication and Research of Interest Four paper applications in special journals. 1- A.I.M.Koraiem, R.M. Abd El-Aal, N.S Mohammed, Synthesis and Visible Spectral Behaviour of Some New N-bridgehead heterocyclic Cyanine Dyes Incorporating Pyrazolo (4,5-b) indolizine (benzoindolizine), Chinese Chemical Society 2002, 49, 571-580.
2- R.M. Abd El-Aal, A.I.M.Koraiem, N.S. El-Deen, Pyrazoloquinone heterocyclic compounds and metal complex derivatives in the synthesis of cyanine dyes, Dyes and Pigments 63, 2004, 301-314.
3- R.M. Abd El-Aal, A.I.M.Koraiem, N.M. Salah El-Deen, Synthesis and Charactrization of monomthin of cyanin dyes basd on N-bridgehead heterocycles,Coloration Technology 121 (2005).
4- A.I.M.Koraiem, R.M. Abd El-Aal, N.M. Salah El-Deen, The use of N- bridgehead heterocyclic indolizinium ylide in the synthesis of aza-cyanine dyes,Dyes and Pigments, 2006, 68, 235-242.