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Dean's Speech

      Dr. Abdul-Rahman A. Al Madiy

     Dean of College of Arts & Sciences 


Praise be to Allah and Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon His Noble Prophet.

      Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, honored by Allah- Glorified and Exalted Be He- in His Glorious Book, has made a significant leap in development thanks to its sincere citizens... More




To be a leading scientific and academic institution highly-competitive among renowned counterpart colleges locally and regionally.


The College of Arts & Sciences, Najran, is committed to produce qualified, and educationally and academically competitive graduates to achieve excellence in teaching and learning and to participate in building knowledge society which contributes to meet the needs of the community in the light of Islamic values with the aim to achieve total quality requirements.

القيم الجوهرية


Following the percepts of Islam, loyalty to the homeland and adherence to the Saudi inherent traditions, the College of Arts & Sciences holds closely to the following values:



To be committed to work for the sake of Allah


Team work and exchange of experience and knowledge

Team work

To Treat others in a noble, human and honest way in accordance with Islamic values


Excellence and originality to achieve high quality outputs


To create an environment suitable to stimulate creative and productive thinking in accordance with  the percepts of Islam


Positive interaction with the university and the community

Community Responsibility

Clarity in all activities, decisions and dealings




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