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    Najran University is keen to keep in contact with its graduates through establishment of an effective partnership with all the segments of the society. Undoubtedly, graduates represent the most important segment of the society that should be continually contacted with. The graduates have the right to be kept abreast with the activities of their university, participate actively in its development and assess its achievements. They might find in the mechanisms proposed by the university spaces that allow them to achieve such objectives. The main goal of the Graduate Unit is to enhance the communication with the graduates  and take advantage of their expertise in the development of the university, as well reinforcing the link with all labor market sectors to identify the needs of the market from qualified university graduates. Besides, it targets building a network of relations with the local community institutions in an attempt to create opportunities for training and employment for graduates. Accordingly, the university has set up a mechanism to communicate with the graduates and recruiters represented in the main Graduate Unit that follows up graduates of the university in the form of offices at various colleges.

 Graduate  Follow-UpUnit

      The unit follows up the graduate affairs at various colleges of Najran University. It is better to be administratively linked with the Deanship of student affairs.  The Unit facilitates the students' transition from learning environment to the practical professional environment.  The unit seeks to keep strong links with graduates so that the graduation will not be end of the contact with the university and attempt to find jobs for university graduates.


1. To establish communication channels with the graduates to enhance the graduate relation with his or her college/ university and maintaining cooperation to serve the graduates, colleges and the local community.

2. To provide a scientific clear vision  of the level of learning outcomes and the extent of its appropriateness and its achievement for the requirements of the labor market in order to be  used in developing the study programs and courses.

3.     To participate in achieving the intended learning outcomes and equip the graduates with the practical and personal skills that enable them to compete in the labor market.

4. To strengthen the role of the university as a beacon of cultural civilization of renaissance and the progress of society and achieve its prosperity.


1.      Preparing the annual directory of the graduates.

2.      Continuous updating of the Graduation Unit website.

3.      Providing employers with information about university graduates

4.      Guiding the graduates and graduate-to-be in the process of searching for job opportunities and employment.

5.      Working on a special mechanism to monitor the employment of the univesity graduates with the employers requested information about graduates

6.      Follow-up of graduate and collection of information about the jobs got by graduates from both public and private sectors either inside or outside the Kingdom.

7.      Establishing a network of all employers that employ university graduates.

8.      Identifying career opportunities for the graduates of the university and updating them periodically as well as publishing them in the leaflets of the Graduate Unit.

9.      Producing statistics of the university graduates.

10.  Participation in the graduation ceremony of the university graduates

11.  Documenting information of the university graduates in a special archive (hard and soft copy).

12.  Preparation of specialized courses in educational institution for the development of the students' practical skills in way that matches labor market needs.

13.  Making special information system for the Unit of Graduates and establishing special databases of the university graduates.

14.  Inviting companies and institutions to provide training programs at the university to develop the professional skills of the students.

15.  Establishing a forum for employment in which he Najran University Rector invites companies, institutions and organizations from the private and public sectors to present a clear idea of the nature of their work and the specializations required in their institutions to reduce the gap between the theoretical knowledge received by students in the university and the labor market requirements.

16.  organizing lectures and seminars by inviting businessmen and heads and directors of business enterprises to expose them to the students' knowledge and skills and what they have learned from Intended Learning outcomes (ILOs) and overcoming fair in employment Interviews.

17.  Organizing training courses in the university presented by specialists and decision-makers in the employers of private and public sectors to recognize the students  and provide them with the skills needed for the labor market.