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Female Graduate Unit


Regular follow-up of the female graduates of the College of Science and Arts , preparing them for the right jobs and cooperating with them to develop the study programs of the College.


 Establishing channels to keep links with  the female graduates of the College of Science and  Arts , following them up to improve their performance and competency to keep up with developments in the labor market and to link the graduates' skills with the needs of the labor market. Contributing to solving practical problems of the graduates and taking advantage of their successful experiences in training students, recruiting new graduates and urging them to provide financial and practical support for the College and support research projects.

Unit Ojectives

1.       To develop a strategy for developing the Graduate Unit Program

2.      To identify and develop the vision and mission of Female Graduate Unit

3.      To identify deficiencies in the female graduate specifications and develop plans to address them in the future.

4.      To identify the training needs of the graduates to keep pace with developments in the labor market.

5.      To design a website for the Female Graduate Unit to facilitate communication and maintain cooperation with the graduates

6.      To create databases and continuously updating them, includes CVs of the graduates to make it accessible for employers.

7.     To  create databases of employers- companies, institutions and ministries to make it accessible for graduates.

8.      To continuously communicate with employers, urging them to advertise their jobs in the website of the Graduate Unit, participate in the annual employment conferences and support scientific research.

9.     To honor outstanding graduates each year and invite old graduates to share their successful experiences with their new colleagues.

10. To  involve the graduates in the development of study programs and courses of the College of Arts and Sciences.

11.  To get support for research and studies on the requirements of the labor market and graduates

12. To  follow up and record cases of successful graduates to learn from their experiences.

Services and Training

The Female Graduate Unit has organized training courses in collaboration with the Unit of Development and Quality in the college for the sake of elevating the level of female graduates, qualifying them to keep pace with labor market requirements and providing them with the necessary skills that make them more competitive.



Targeted group



Unit of Development & Quality in collaboration with Study Programs of the College


Female Graduate of College of Science and Arts

Safar 1436ـ

How to Write a CV

Rabia Al-Awwal 1436

Personal Interviews

Jumada Al-awwal 1436

Self-Development Skill

Rajab 1436

Practical Life Skills


Besides, the Female Graduate Unit receives the applications of female graduates of the College of Science and Arts and send them to the Deanship of Admission and Registration. Among such applications are:

1.      Replacement of stolen or damaged Graduation Certificate  

2.      Students' Transcripts

3.      Correcting errors in graduation certificate


Contact address

College of Arts and Sciences

Phone No. 5446186

Supervisor of the Unit

Ms. Risalah Mansour  bani Humaim              


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