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Feedback Workshop for Female Grdaute Unit


For the sake of achieving the requirements of quality in the College of Science and Arts Female Graduate Unit, feedback of achievements of the unit was reviewed and the results of the questionnaires were discussed on Wednesday, 25/05/1436, 11:00 PM in Development and Quality Unit Office. Academic supervisor of the College of Science and Arts, supervisor of the Unit of Development and Quality, program coordinators and academics advisors attended the workshop.

Workshop Program

·         Welcome the attendees

·         Presentation that shows three dimensions:

a.       About the Female Graduate follow-up Unit in terms of mission and vision, objectives, Program and services presented by the Unit.

1.       Visual Detailed explanation of the databases and mechanism followed in designing the databases, which include seven batches of all the study programs including distance learning and summer semesters. The mechanism has shown how the students' number is connected with their academic records. By clicking the student number, the students' academic record is displayed. The coordinators of the college received CDs that include databases, academic records of all female graduates.   

2.       Discussion of the results of the questionnaires of the employers' satisfaction and female graduates' satisfaction with their study programs and providing feedback was based on the results of the questionnaires, which revealed the low level of female student's fluency in foreign languages in all programs. The study programs coordinators discussed such issue and they will report it to the Dean of the college to consider language texts, which is considered the only English course for all levels. They all agree that the specification should include terminology that serves the majors and increasing the credit hours for study English language to improve the level of female students in the foreign language.


Female Graduate Unit

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