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Training course on Programming Mobile learning Applications

The Vice Dean for Administrative Affairs Dr. Zuhair AL-Omari did training course on Programming Mobile learning Applications on Wednesday, 02.04.1436, which targeted faculty members.

Course on Using Library

Studen Activity Plan  Trainiing courses for students   On Wednesday, 18/02/1436, Dr. Badr Al-Deen Sheikh Idrees Mohammad presented a course on using library...

Activity Unit Achievements

Activity Unit Achievements btween 1434-1435 A.H. in the College of Science and Arts


The Female Graduate Unit is in the process of creating databases 'electronic archive'' of the employers in the public and private sectors to enable the female graduates to contact...

Female Graduates' Databases

The College of Science and Arts female graduates' databases were created, (from 1432 A.H. to 1434 A.H., second semester), including all the study programs of the college in addition to...

Feedback Workshop for Female Grdaute Unit

  For the sake of achieving the requirements of quality in the College of Science and Arts Female Graduate Unit, feedback of achievements of the unit was reviewed and the results of...

Final Examination Regulations

Educational seminar was held on regulations of Final examination and discipline, organized by female Students' Affairs, included in the plan of Unit of Student Affairs for the year 35 / 36 in...

Najran University Forges Ahead between Sands and Rocks

A day passes with many changes around... Tree grows, flowers open, roads paved and... Lighting columns light up, hills illuminated... sands covered by greenness and buildings constructed.