Science and Arts College

It is one of the colleges that have been approved and the study in this college has already started. The decision of college establishment was due the dire need for the faculty to achieve the following goals:

To prepare distinguished qualified graduates who can work in different fields in universities, ministries and companies.
To boost scientific research and to keep abreast of recent developments in basic sciences.
To prepare distinguished graduates to pursue their postgraduate studies for masters.
To interact with society , provide services and scientific consultancy to different sectors.
To exchange experiences and highly qualified staff with similar colleges inside the kingdom and abroad.

The college currently comprises four scientific departments and two humanities departments:

Department of physics
Department of Chemistry
Department of Biology
Department of Mathematics

Department of Arabic
Department of English

The college awards a bachelor degree of science in scientific specialties and a bachelor of Arts in humanities specialties. The college effectively contributes in teaching courses of basic subjects for other colleges.

The lesson plan is divided into eight semesters, the first semester is as a general requirement for all departments (boys &girls), and the specialization begins in the second semester for all four scientific departments.