About the departments of Chemistry

All Praise be to Allah Almighty, we would like to brief our website visitors about the chemistry department , its objectives and lesson plan. This department teaches some syllabic to students of other colleges.

Chemistry plays a vital role in people's life, so it has become significant to teach it in order to achieve the optimum chemical concepts for both the individual and society as well.

The chemistry department is one of the major departments in this college. It teaches general and analytical chemistry to students of medicine, pharmacy, medical sciences and engineering.

The aim is to graduate students in the field of chemistry , the thing which helps them in playing their role and national duty to serve the society y in areas such as education, health, industry and agriculture.

Providing qualified professionals for the labor market in specialties such as chemical solutions, mineral industries, cement and ceramics

Show the positive impact of chemistry on day-to-day life, health improvement, diseases resistance and balanced diet. Prepare the students for research and to pursue their postgraduate studies in chemistry and its applications.

Carry out different chemical researches

Spread knowledge and encourage arabicization, authorship and publishing..