About the Mathematics Department

Mathematics is considered the cornerstone in the scientific building of humanity , no scientific advancement is imaginable without relevance to mathematics. That's why the department of mathematics has been established at the College of Science & Arts.

The subjects taught are pure and different branches of applied mathematics. The goal is to graduate a generation equipped with useful knowledge that will benefit the society . The teaching staff is composed of professors, associate and assistant professors of different nationalities.


Program Vision: Competition Locally and Regionally in Teaching Mathematics.

Program Mission:To prepare a professional and academic cadre in Mathematics through using modern and sophisticated curricula to meet the needs of the community.

Program Objectives:

  1. To provide students with the basic concepts in mathematics.
  2. To prepare a cadre capable of teaching mathematics in general institutions.
  3. To qualify outstanding  students to pursue their higher studies.
  4. To provide students with a number of mental skills(logical thinking, analysis, reasoning, and problem solving).
  5. To qualify students to take the job market more quickly in the jobs requiring mathematical skills.