About Physics Departme

The program grants a bachelor's degree in science and education, specializing in physics and the study period of the program, four years (eight levels) in which the student studies 129 credit units. The plan aims to achieve a higher level in English and to enroll in the MBA program. In physics meets the needs of the educational community.


Program Mission: To prepare highly qualified graduates and teaching skills in physics that meets the requirements of the educational community

This programme aims to:

  1. Introduce to the student the main branches of physics.
  2. Help the student to understand the principles of physics.
  3. Provide the student with a solid foundation for a successful career as a physics teacher that has the skills to continuo his higher education.
  4. Offer to the student the opportunity to study some of the advanced concepts and techniques of physics
  5. Enable the student to develop skills in problem solving and critical and quantitative analysis and laboratory skills in physics.
  6. Enable the student to develop skills in personal organization and teamwork.